A Tribute To Menahem Simhony

Professor Simhony : DISCOVERER of the SPACE Fabric Constituents

Biography on Menahem Simhony (1922 - 2015)

                                            Professor Menahem Simhony                                              

Born : 28 May 1922 in Warsaw, Poland

Death: 29 June, 2015, Israel 

Graduated from "Ascola" high school (1937) and Natural Sciences Lyceum in 1939. November 3, 1939 he escaped from nazi-occupied Warsaw to USSR, and worked as laborer and electrician until August 1940. He was then admitted to the graduating class of the Makeyevka Mining Workers Faculty and the Moscow Correspondence Institute of Foreign Languages, and graduated August 1941 and worked as a high-school teacher until October 1941 when he was drafted into the Soviet Army. He was discharged in August 1943 to teach high school physics and chemistry in Ural, where he studied physics and math at the Pedagogical Institute. He was then drafted into the Polish Army in December 1944, and discharged in October 1945.

He continued in physics and math studies at the Moscow Lenin Pedagogical institute, while teaching high school and evening college physics in Vladimir. He graduated in 1947 with M.Sc. thesis "The Electronic Electrical Conductivity of Solids", and was graded "excellent" by professors V.G.Levich and E.V.Shpolski. He then began working toward a Ph.D. at the Russian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences in Moscow. Passing all exams by 1954, he was appointed senior lecturer in physics and astronomy at the Velikiye Luki State Pedagogical Institute. In January 1957 he successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation "The Concept of Force in Physics", which was accepted for publication by the governmental Uchpedgiz publishing house.

In August 1957 he repatriated to Poland with his family where was Senior assistant at the Physics Institute of Warsaw University and Polish Academy of Sciences until December 1959, when he left for Israel. Beginning January 16, 1960, he worked at the Semiconductor Physics Section (Section 5) of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, as Instructor, lecturer, and then senior lecturer.

He was: Resident Associate, Physics Dept, Purdue University., 1965-66.   Fulbright Fellow, Member Technical Staff, RCA Labs., Princeton, Aug 1966-Dec 67.   University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM);  Visiting Associate Professor, UWM School of Applied Science, 1972-73.   Consulting Physicist, Institute for Biomolecular Physiology, with German Scientific Exchange (DAAD), Kiel 1979; Hannover, Summer 1981.   University of Southern California (USC); Professor of Physics, USC Evening College, 1981. Visiting Senior Research Scientist, Center for Laser Studies, 1977-1983.

In October 1983, Dr. Simhony took an early retirement as associate professor Hebrew University to work entirely on the Electron Positron Lattice (EPOLA) model of space (started 1973). In 1994 he published “Invitation to the Natural Physics of Matter Space and Radiation” (World Scientific Publishing Company, Pte. Ltd.), a definitive work on the Electron-Positron Lattice (EPOLA).

Professor Simhony was accorded the honor of Prof Emeritus of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem in October 2006. On November 10, 2009 at the Regency Jerusalem Hotel on Mt. Scopus, Dr. Simhony was honored with a special tribute to his life and work on the EPOLA physics model. He was presented a large honorary Scientific Achievement Plaque, a letter of tribute/appreciation signed by those in attendance and he was accompanied to a special Tribute Dinner held in his honor.

Professor Simhony retired and was living in Haifa, Israel with his wife and family until his death on Monday, June 29, 2015.