A Tribute To Menahem Simhony

Professor Simhony : DISCOVERER of the SPACE Fabric Constituents

 Speed of Light is NOT Constant in the Space Vacuum

  Based on the physical attributes of the EPOLA model Simhony was forced to conclude that the speed of light in the vacuum of space is NOT universally constant. This is a major departure from Einstein's declaration to the contrary, that the speed of light "c" in a vacuum is constant. It is precisely here that Simhony's EPOLA model can shown to be the vastly superior scientific model, because even he at that time, did not have the validating proof of such a contrastingly bold prediction. Only recently has scientific discoveries proven that the speed of light near massive bodies such as our Sun (where the EPOLA distortion results in a slightly lower EPOLA fabric density and tension) is in fact SLOWER !

Professor Irwin Shapiro was instrumental in determining a strange anomaly when Mariner 6 & 7 radio signals passed near the Sun when in route between Earth and Mars.

A plot of the time differences showed a marked difference when the radio signals passed in closer proximity to the Sun.

The Shapiro data exactly validates the EPOLA model prediction that light traveling in the less dense, expanded EPOLA, near massive objects will be reduced in speed. The Speed of Light in a vacuum is in fact NOT Constant !

If this is the case, then the reverse ought also to be true. Light traveling in deep space at distances far remote from our Sun should travel FASTER due to the more densely packed, elastically stiffer properties of the EPOLA in this region of the universe. Again, Simhony's model proves itself to be a vastly superior scientific model, capable of making stunning predictions that are validated with the latest deep space probe data. In this case the bewildering Pioneer 10 and 11 anomaly where BOTH radio signals were returning to earth TOO SOON has been solved !  Without Simhony's model some scientists have gone so far as to consider that the law of gravity as we know it must be WRONG.

Google "Pioneer Anomaly" and you will be amazed at the bewilderment of scientists all over the world when not ONE but TWO different spacecraft began doing the same thing as they proceeded further and further out into deep space. 

The EPOLA model is absolutely amazing in its ability to make some of the most complex physical behavior in the universe perfectly understandable in common 3-dimensions and time. As a result we do not merely know "about light" we now know "what light IS", and we now know "why" light travels at the enormous speed that it does. We do not merely know "about inertia" but we now know "what inertia IS". We do not merely know "about gravity" but we now know "what gravity IS". We do not merely know that "E= mc^2" but we now know what "E = mc^2 really means". This awesome breakthrough in science is a Quantum Leap BEYOND anything Einstein ever dreamed.

Einstein was a great scientist but a greater than Einstein is among us and his name is Professor Menahem Simhony !