A Tribute To Menahem Simhony

Professor Simhony : DISCOVERER of the SPACE Fabric Constituents

Here's How The EPOLA Discovery Was Made

One of the most fascinating things to study in science is HOW major breakthroughs are achieved. Some are made through spurious accidents, others by arduous trial and error experimentation, yet others through putting together fragments of truth from various disciplines and of course there can be all sorts of combinations of all of these and much more. A required course for all scientists and engineers should be "The Mechanisms of Scientific Discovery". Regardless of the breakthrough, the common thread of success always reverts back to building truth upon truth. Once one departs from reality into the realm of theoretical non-truth, or politically correct nonsense, breakthroughs that result in real life changing products and procedures dry up. Pursuing non-truth  results in a waste of time and money for the society as a whole. The pushers of non-truth themselves can become millionaires by making movies and documentaries of Fantasy Land. But, the end of their work is, no real products and no one really can understand or prove what they are saying. Tragically, this is where America's physics has gone. Mathematical theory based on the 15th dimension and contradictory quantum mechanics chasing particles that can and can't be at the same time, is pathetically STUPID. But, glossy TV documentaries are boastfully proclaiming this as the "New Science". 

Professor Simhony's discovery on the other hand is classical science in 3-dimensions and real time, and with real objects operating in a real universe. It is beautifully simple but earth shakingly powerful. His discovery drew on his experience and work with Salt Crystals. When manufactured and grown in laboratory conditions they can be quite large and crystal clear. One of the physical attributes of salt crystals that Simhony was aware of was the difference in the speed of an energy wave through one type of salt (NaCl) as compared to the speed of an energy wave in a salt crystal of a different chemical makeup (KCl). It turns out the speed of the energy wave is related to the stiffness of the crystal. The stiffer the crystal the faster the energy wave (sound) travels through the crystal. The stiffness of the crystal is in turn related to the strength of the ionic bond between Na and Cl atoms in one case or the atoms of K and Cl in another case.

The mathematical equation that predicts the speed of the energy wave was theoretically derived and experimentally verified.  The above Vs is the average of the six possible orientations.  

Another phenomenon Professor Simhony had observed with salt crystals is that when they are irradiated with a light energy that exactly matches the same energy (8eV) of the ionic bond of the Na+ and Cl- constituents, the site of the irradiated crystal transforms from crystal clear to opaque. At this precise energy individual pairs of Na and Cl are knocked free from their captive place in the crystal's lattice structure. In this FREE state they are no longer invisible (transparent) but are visible to the naked eye (opaque).   Simhony's brilliance was demonstrated when he used his knowledge of salt crystal physics to decipher the foundational physics of the space vacuum. He was the first human on planet earth to recognize that the Nobel prize winning work of Carl D. Anderson which resulted in the discovery of a sub-atomic particle with the same mass as an electron but with an opposite charge, when compared to the creation of free Na+ and Cl- demonstrated an amazing similarity. The first parallel is that the perfect salt crystal is highly transparent (near invisible) and the vacuum of space is the most transparent entity known to man in that it is perfectly invisible. The second parallel Simhony noticed is that the salt when irradiated with a precise amount of energy releases the elemental pairs of charged particles from which it is made (Na+, Cl-) which then in their released state become visible (detectable). And, in similar manner as demonstrated by Carl Anderson, any point of space that absorbs precisely 1.02 MeV of energy suddenly produces a pair of oppositely charged particles which, with cloud chamber apparatus, become visible (detectable).

The third parallel he noticed is that when the energy irradiating source is withdrawn the free ions of Na+ and Cl- recombine with the release of the same amount of energy that had freed them and, the transparency of the salt crystal is restored. Similarly, the positron and electron that popped out from the space vacuum will reunite and completely become invisible vacuum space but with a burst of gamma radiation energy that always totals 1.02 MeV. Professor Simhony, in a flash of insight deduced that space physics must be almost identical with salt crystal physics. Since Na+ and Cl- were not created from radiation energy alone but were already in existence and invisibly locked in the salt crystal lattice. The radiation did not create Na+ and Cl- but simply knocked them out of their invisible home where they could finally be seen. For Simhony the moment of truth was breathtaking! There it was, the radiation did not create the positron (p+) and electron (e-) pair but simply knocked them out of their invisible Space Vacuum home where they could finally be seen! Like the ionic lattice of a salt crystal, he concluded, that Vacuum Space is an ionic lattice crystal of alternating electrons and positrons! We and all matter in the universe are immersed in and are moving through the most gargantuan, invisible crystal, the size of which, envelopes the entire universe! He called this crystal the Electron POsitron LAtice or EPOLA. This discovery was only the first of many others to follow. Armed with this foundational truth Professor Simhony, one by one, began to unravel the attributes of the physical world that had long baffled the most brilliant scientists. Knowing the binding energy of the the EPOLA pairs he was able to calculate the smallest distance between any two charged particles as 4.4 x 10^-15 m. This spacing allows the positive charged nucleus of atoms to pass between the particles. The enormous binding energy would make the EPOLA crystal orders of magnitude stiffer than a diamond. Thus, the EPOLA is enormously stiff but also very porous allowing the movement of matter through it without breaking the elastic bonds of the EPOLA unit cubes themselves. Movement of matter through the EPOLA elastically distorts/expands/stretches sequentially the EPOLA unit cubes as it moves from one unit to another and explains why matter resists acceleration.

In other words Inertia is due to the need of energy to begin the process of  stretching / expanding unit EPOLA cubes at a particular rate. The faster the speed of matter the greater the number of EPOLA unit cubes that will need to be elastically expanded per unit of time and the greater the amount of energy that is needed. The energy used to accelerate a particle is the energy that sets up the standing distortion wave in front of the particle being accelerated. The elastic closing of the EPOLA distortion wave behind the particle after it has passed returns the energy and explains why no further energy is needed to keep the particle moving at a particular velocity after the acceleration has been accomplished. Sir Isaac Newton defined the phenomenon of Inertia but Professor Menahem Simhony has taken us a quantum leap of understanding beyond that by telling us what Inertia actually IS ! Thus, movement of matter (nuclei, e-, etc.) through the EPOLA distorts its lattice particles elastically but they return to their original place after the matter has passed through. These distortion waves that move with and are associated with moving matter can be thought of as the physical explanation of de Broglie waves. Godinci - Inertia Revealed link.

Simhony then made an astonishing discovery and validation that his EPOLA model of space was in fact describing reality. If space was in fact an ionic crystal then it should obey the energy wave physics of salt crystals and thus the speed of an energy wave through the EPOLA can be calculated with the same equation. The following is what Simhony found:

Amazingly when 0.511MeV is converted to joules (8.2 x 10^-14) the speed of the energy wave based on salt crystal physics is 300,000 m/s or 186,000 miles/sec which is the SPEED of LIGHT! Suddenly it all made sense. Light IS an Energy Wave and the medium or ether through which it propagates is an immense electron-positron ionic lattice stretching out throughout the entire universe making it the single biggest crystal imaginable! That's right citizens of planet earth, we are all swimming about in a Crystal Sea whose properties are directly derived from the Coulomb electric attraction properties of the tiny subatomic electron and positron.

All of this and much more we owe to the brilliant scientific perception of Professor Menahem Simhony. Einstein showed us many things about Light and its speed C, but a greater than Einstein is among us for Simhony has told us what Light actually IS and WHY it propagates at the particular speed C that it travels. This is a quantum leap in understanding beyond anything we could have hoped for in our lifetime. With this fundamental breakthrough in science the human race stands on the precipice of an explosion of discovery that may dwarf all that has come before.