A Tribute To Menahem Simhony

Professor Simhony : DISCOVERER of the SPACE Fabric Constituents

Menahem Simhony (1922 - 2015)

Professor Emeritus - The Hebrew University, Jerusalem until his death June 29, 2015.

The greatest scientific discovery in more than a hundred years has been  accomplished by Professor Simhony. His discovery of what the fabric of space is made of has led him to also discover what Light is, what Gravity is, and what Inertia is. Fifty (50) people traveled from Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom to Jerusalem, Israel to recognize his extraordinary contribution to physics and present an honorary Scientific Achievement plaque to Professor Menahem Simhony.

November 10, 2009                                      The site of this historic honoring of Professor Simhony was the Regency Jerusalem Hotel which is situated on Mt. Scopus overlooking the city of Jerusalem.  This attractive Hotel is near The Hebrew University which in October of 2006 honored Menahem Simhony with the honorary title of Professor Emeritus.

Professor Simhony's monumental breakthrough was his discovery that space is NOT a vacuum of "nothingness" but on the contrary, space is an ether of alternating electrons and positrons in a salt-like crystal lattice (EPOLA).   Due to the high energy of attraction between the tiny charged particles, the crystal of space is very stiff but also very porous.

An honorary Scientific Achievement Plaque was presented to 87 year old Professor Simhony:

A Letter of Tribute/Appreciation signed by those in attendance was also read and presented to Professor Simhony.

Professor Simhony's Book "Invitation to the Natural Physics of Matter, Space, and Radiation" is available on Amazon.


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To learn more about the amazing physics of M. Simhony's EPOLA model of space click on the following website Logo:


 For a demonstration of what Inertia actually is based on the EPOLA model of Space click on the following EPOLA graphic to see the Godinci-Inertia Revealed YouTube website presentation :